What you need to know about Diablo 4 if you are new!

D4 is a continuation of one of the first projects in the RPG genre, where players constantly upgraded their character and hunted for increasingly valuable trophies at different difficulty levels and at the same time studied the storyline.

Your diablo 4 boosting will take place at different difficulty levels, which will affect the speed of completion and their interest, but the higher your gaming level, the more interesting the gameplay will be and the tasks that the system will set for you.


At the moment, you will be presented with 6 game characters to choose from:

  • Mage – ranged combat, area damage, dependent on mana, difficult at the beginning due to lack of resources.
  • Archer – physical damage, longest attack range, stable damage with shots and skills. You need to knock out, or buy a bow and arrows.
  • Barbarian – stable damage from any weapon, accumulation and activation of rage to increase damage, control of enemies around.
  • Necromancer – summoning the dead, creating an army, quickly clearing locations and dungeons, vulnerable to massive damage.
  • Druid – summoning wild animals, different types of damage, healing allies, transforming into animals with increasing parameters.
  • Assassin – the second branch of hunter development, fast and critical damage, combined attacks with daggers, poison and other negative effects.


Diablo 4

You will start your journey with the chosen hero and starting equipment, which will be enough to clear the first zone, but in the future you will do everything to ensure yourself a boost in D4 and buy or knock out high-quality items and sets of equipment.

For players who are at least a little familiar with the Diablo universe and are simply ready to take risks, it is recommended to immediately turn on the Veteran difficulty level instead of Adventurer. This will help you get more experience and better rewards for killing monsters.

An important parameter will be the chance to find a magic item, which will increase the chance of getting items of rare quality and higher, and even complete items that reinforce each other when the player has more than two of them.

Pay attention to quests in the city and general dungeons that need to be cleared for gold, trophies from the final chest, aspects for strengthening heroes and boosting in Diablo 4.

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Weapons and armor

Each item in Diablo 4 can be generic, that is, not class-specific and directional, when no one other than that group of heroes can equip them.

The same applies to performance requirements when you cannot pick up a good staff due to an insufficient strength indicator.

If you choose between the parameters of a weapon and its capabilities for a class, then it is better to give priority to increasing skill levels and only then to combat characteristics. The fact is that even one lvl skill is always more effective than combat parameters. There are, of course, exceptions, such as holy-quality armor, but in the initial stages you will not encounter it due to its low level.

If at the first levels you play with what you have, then at higher levels you will need at least rare, and better yet, Mythic or Legendary armor, which has the best indicators and sets of characteristics for your hero.

At the first levels, you will constantly find and change all the equipment that you have and at the same time put on jewelry with characteristics, collect runes and precious stones, find amulets and talismans.

Always give priority to the parameter of finding a magic item and wear everything that can increase this criterion, because the sooner you accelerate your hero, the better and faster your passage will be.

Difficulty levels and replayability

In total, you will be able to complete Diablo 4 to 5 times, at constantly new difficulty levels.

With each new time it will be repeated gameplay, but with constantly strengthened opponents, who will begin to develop resistance to different types of attacks and even immunity.

To get around these problems, it’s better to play in a group with different classes, or think of ways to get around the lack of damage.

Mages can learn several schools by sacrificing some of the damage from the main school. You will retain your combat potential and be able to switch your skills.

Archers, barbarians and assassins can insert gems into their weapons and receive chance damage from different elements and, due to the speed of attack and the triggering of the effects of lightning, fire and water, simply destroy the enemy with just these attacks, without causing physical damage.

A necromancer and a druid will not have problems due to the different types of creatures and their attacks that they direct, in addition, you can use poison and bleeding and reduce the health level of enemies not quickly, but effectively.

The higher the difficulty level, the better the leveling, which means the chance to get more sets and finally unlock sacred armor and weapons – the best types of equipment that are in Diablo 4.

Fame Points

For many actions that you do for the first time, you will receive fame points, which will bring you additional skill points and healing potions and other rewards.

This list includes discovering new territories, finding altars of Lilith that are not on the mini-map, storming fortresses, clearing difficult dungeons and killing world bosses.

Each new level of fame, of which there are 5 in total, will bring you additional experience for D4 boosting your hero.


The best locations for farming gold and new equipment are dungeons. You just need to come to dangerous territory and destroy all the enemies, where everyone will have a chance to get additional gold and equipment. Regardless of your luck, at the end of each zone a special chest will be waiting for you, which will always drop something valuable from weapons, or armor and aspects that will add characteristics to the character, if it suits your class.

Fortunately, with the help of a map, you can see where you get which aspects and go only to those dungeons that suit your level and class.


Diablo 4 for beginners

If dungeons are located below, then fortresses have similar clearing mechanics on the surface. You can even see what reward you will receive if you open the map of the regions and point at the defensive structure that you plan to storm.

The plan is simple – enter the territory, destroy all the defenders and the captain of the fortress. You will also be able to receive your chest with a random reward.

You will be able to attack absolutely any point with fortresses until they all come under your control, at least for the sake of passive and active skills to strengthen your hero.


When you complete the game at all difficulty levels, you will open the endgame stage, with PVP and events where you repel monster attacks and obtain the best types of equipment and weapons – sacred quality.


In the third act, you can discover your first horse, which will significantly speed up your progress and help you break through enemies you don’t want to fight.

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